Engineering Services

Professional engineering services for the mining industry.

Mineral Resource and Reserve Estimates

Mineral Resource and Reserve Estimates provide an estimate of the grade and tonnage of a mineral deposit. Exploration data, especially diamond drill hole data, is used to create a three dimensional model of a mineral deposit, which is then analyzed using statistical tools to produce the estimate. MineTech engineer Doug Roy has a strong background in geostatistics and resource estimation, and has produced resource estimates for many years.

Resource Estimates are generally used for exploration-stage deposits. After Resource Estimates go through a positive preliminary economic assessment or scoping study, a Reserve Estimate can be written.

Resource and Reserve estimates are frequently written to 43-101 standards (with an accompanying 43-101 F1 technical report).

MineTech has extensive experience in mineral resource/reserve estimation. Along with full-length 43-101 reports, we also regularly provide assistance with resource model auditing and technical support for companies with their internal resource models.

Mine Design

Using a process similar to that used for resource and reserve estimates, a digital model of the orebody is created and then analyzed in software to produce the pit shell. This provides information about the grade and tonnage that can be expected from a deposit should it go into production. Pit shells are often used as part of larger feasibility studies

Most recently, in 2015, MineTech prepared an updated mine plan for an operating limestone quarry in support of a mining lease extension.

Mineral Processing / Metallurgical Test Work and Design

Metallurgists working through MineTech can develop mineral process test regimes to establish real-world recovery levels of unknown ores and optimize recovery in existing mills. Testing is done in a laboratory setting with sample sizes of 100-200kg used for detailed process design. Results from tests can be used in the feasibility and operations phases of mine life.

In 2009-2010, as part of a larger scoping study, MineTech provided a proposal for mineral processing research for an exploration-stage property. The proposal described three different mineral processing research options, and included preliminary mill flowsheets.